We accept cash or check. PayPal acceptable for merchandise only. Sorry, no credit cards. We use direct wire transfer for international.


  • Non-refundable deposits are required to reserve lessons, packages, etc.
  • A minimum of two lessons per day are required unless stated otherwise
  • Cancellations will cause a forfeit of a deposit unless it is the fault of Greg Koontz Aerobatics or the slot is successfully rescheduled by someone else
  • Deposits on lessons not flown due to weather are moved to a later date
  • Training is offered by the lesson, not by the hour. Although lessons are planed for about an hour of flight, we do not fly by exact times, we are more concerned with lesson content. Therefore, lessons are flat-rated and prices are not adjusted for the exact length of ground school or flights
  • Package courses are all-inclusive of ground school, flight lessons, meals and lodging. It is a bundled deal so all is sold together and is not itemized. We cannot refund any unused portions unless they are unavailable due to weather or the fault of Greg Koontz Aerobatics.
  • If additional Lessons are required or desired they will be offered at a special “additional training” rate noted in the Aerobatic training/Customized Aerobatic Training section of this website. These are not to be interpreted as our  “normal rates”.
  • Two-day courses are normally scheduled for Tuesday / Wednesday. Four-day courses are preferred to be scheduled on Monday through Friday to allows some room to adjust for a bad weather day.

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