Aerobatic Training

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CFI Spin Training Course - $450


Designed to prepare the flight instructor applicant in accordance with FAR 61.183 (i). This course meets and exceeds the FAA endorsement requirements. We will share our experience to help you be prepared to teach spins and be ready to handle the unexpected spin.


  • One flight lesson
  • Course includes extensive ground school and flight preparation.
  • A thorough understanding and comfort with stalls is a required prerequisite
  • Additional flights may be arranged if necessary


Things you can add to any of these courses:


  • Add additional flights to any course for $400/lesson
  • You can bring a spouse for $50 (to cover meals, drinks, etc)
  • You can add an additional stay for $150/night (all-inclusive)
  • Use your own plane for a $50/flight discount
  • Fly here in your own plane with no hangar or tiedown fees
  • Get necessary fuel at our wholesale price.
  • Use all equipment (headsets, chutes, etc.) at no charge

Sky Country Lodge is your classroom and vacation haven when you train with Greg Koontz! Accommodations are included in most packages.


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