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8GCBC Scout Options

Base Scout, 8GCBC, Constant Speed
Lycoming O-360-C1G, 180 HP Engine
Hartzell HC-C2YR-1BF/F7666A Constant Speed 76" Propeller
Base Price:

Fuel Quantity Gauges
     (Left and Right)
Manifold Pressure Gauge
     (w/CS Prop Only)
Airspeed Indicator
Sensitive Altimeter
Lighted Magnetic Compass
Oil Pressure Gauge
Oil Temperature Gauge
Recording Tachometer

Electric Starter
Alternator (60 Amp)
Battery Box and Sealed Battery
Dual Wing Tip Strobes
Landing Light
Navigational Lights
Rheostat Cabin Light

Voltage Regulator
Electrical Control Panel with
     Circuit Breakers

Safety and Convenience
Dual Flight Controls
Dual Toe Brakes
Parking Brake
Quick Jettison Door
35 gal. Fuel System
Cargo Restraint System
Stall Warning Indicator
Entrance Step
Powder Coating Corrosion

Left Opening Pilot Window
Stainless Steel Exhaust System
Steerable 8" Pneumatic Tail Wheel
Aluminum Gear Legs

Wheels with 850 x 6 4 Ply Tires
Wing Tie Down Rings
Velcro Map Pocket
Deluxe Vinyl Aircraft Document File
100 lb. Capacity Baggage
Fuel and Preparation
Comfort and Appearance
Comfortable Foam Seats
     with Folding Backs
Adjustable Front Seat
Bullet Spinner

Deep Pile Carpet
Deluxe Textured Vinyl Interior
Cabin Heater
Deluxe Instrument Panel with
     Anti-Glare Panel Cover
Cabin Air Vents (Left & Right)
Tinted Greenhouse Roof
Communications Group
Includes Broadband Transmitting Antenna, Twin Headset Jacks, Cabin Speaker, Noise Canceling Transistor Microphone with Holder (Headsets not included), and Avionics Master Switch
Omni (Nav) Antenna
Intercom System
Includes PS Engineering System with 'Push to Talk' on Front Control Stick
Rear 'Push to Talk' or other Customized Options
Emergency Locator Transmitter
Emergency Locator Transmitter (406 MHz)     

Custom Radio Packages Will Be Quoted Individually!!

Full Gyro Panel Package - Complete
Includes Vacuum Driven Directional Gyro and Attitude Indicator, Electric Turn and Bank, Vertical Speed Indicator, Electric Clock, and Vacuum Pump System
IFR Package
Includes Full Gyro Panel Package, Heated Pitot, Marker Beacon Receiver, Panel Lights, Gyro Backlighting Upgrade, and Certification
Vacuum Pump System
Includes Engine Driven Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Regulator, Pump Drive, Filter, Hoses and Vacuum Gauge
Electric Attitude Indicator and Directional Gyro - Set
Aspin Avionics EFD1000 Pilot (Glass Panel Flight Instruments)
Stand-By Attitude Gyro- Electric (with internal battery)
Outside Air Temperature Gauge (Window Mounted)
Electric Turn Coordinator
Vertical Speed Indicator
Electric Clock
Engine Hour Meter with Oil Pressure Switch
Electronics International
Combination EGT / CHT / OAT (Three Individual Probes)
Electronics International
Combination EGT / CHT Scanner (Eight Probes)
J.P. Instruments EDM-930
Complete Engine Data Management Glass Panel Display
Aileron Spades
Hartzell 3-Bladed Constant Speed 72" Propeller
   HC-C3YR-1RF/F7282  (Exchange with Standard 2-Blade Constant Speed)
MT 2-Blade Composite 80" Propeller   (Save 15 lbs!!)
   MTV-15-B/203-58  (Exchange with Standard 2-Blade Constant Speed)
MT 3-Blade Composite 75" Propeller   (Looks Great!!)
   MTV-9-B/190-18a  (Exchange with Standard 2-Blade Constant Speed)
70 Gallon Long Range Fuel System
Metal Belly
Sea Plane Operation Package
Split Photo Door (Exchange)
Glider Tow Assembly
Rear Seat Heater
Wide Rear Seat (Exchange)
Deluxe Duraplush Fabrics and Vinyls
Aluminum Landing Gear (Exchange)
     25 lbs. lighter and eliminates external brake line
Speed Kit
     Includes Upper and Lower Main Wing Strut Fairing
Tinted Windows (Exchange)
CFP-2 Corrosion Protection for Coastal Operation:
     Includes Oil Prepped Fuselage Tubing and Optional Stainless Steel Control Cables
Remote Mounted Oil Filter (Air-Wolf)
Oil Quick Drain

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