Buy your American Champion Airplane from Greg Koontz!

We’ve been involved with the American Champion line of aircraft since 1970!

We will help you spec-out the airplane that is best suited for you and offer it at a competitive price.


Click the images below for base pricing and equipment options:

When you purchase your new ACA aircraft from Greg Koontz Aerobatics we partner with you for the entire experience.

Our new planes include:

  • Personalized tailwheel or aerobatic training at Sky Country Lodge with all-inclusive meals and lodging
  • Our services to accept the aircraft for you at the factory to assure quality and accuracy
  • Delivery service to your local airport or to Sky Country Lodge for your checkout
  • Personal contact whenever you need help or advise with your aircraft as long as you own it

My personal choice of air show aircraft since 1974 in over 600 air show performances all over the USA and abroad including Sun-n-Fun & EAA AirVenture!

Please make checks payable to GRECOR, LLC

Contact Us: (205) 616-8176  2546 Slasham Road, Ashville, AL 35953