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Official Greg Koontz / Alabama Boys Merchandise

  SIGNED Greg Koontz Airshows Official Souvenir Poster - shipped rolled in mailing tube

$3 each + $5 shipping for up to 10

Cub Window Decal

$5 + $1 S&H


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Purchase American Champion Apparel. Get the same great apparel we wear on the flight line. Hats, shirts, coffee mugs and more. Order direct from American Champion!


Greg Koontz Airshows uses WashWaxAll products EXCLUSIVELY to keep our aircraft finishes looking perfect for airshows and protected from the elements.



David Clark Headsets

Greg Koontz Airshows uses David Clark headsets and accessories exclusively in all our aircraft. For airshows or training we found they are the only ones to count on for rugged reliability. See their whole line of  aviation products by clicking the photo above.

Greg Koontz Airshows is a certified dealer for Softie Parachutes. After over forty years in the business we found the people at Softie are the most reliable and trusted in the industry. Call us today for the best advice for fitting a parachute for you in your aerobatic aircraft. 

If you’re not using a Hooker Harness in your Super Decathlon then you’re hanging by a thread! We don’t fly with anything less than the best. Give Hooker a call today and custom order your harness for the fit and color you want.


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